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Honey 340g (12oz) jar

All our honey is raw. This means that it has not been heat-treated or pasteurised and it is only filtered to remove unwanted debris (you don't want a dead bee in your honey!). We use a 500micron (0.5mm) filter so all the different pollen grains, collected from the surrounding meadows, hedgerows, gardens and fields, remain. So each jar contains all the vitamins, enzymes, minerals and proteins the bees put there.

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Spring soft set honey

A creamy, pale coloured honey with a velvety texture which will spread easily on your toast or crumpets.

Spring flowers, such as snowdrops, hawthorn, willow, hazel and oil seed rape, have a high glucose content that causes the honey to set quickly. By agitating the honey as it sets, tiny crystals form instead of large grains, giving the characteristic silky texture of our soft set honey.

Summer runny honey

A clear, golden honey suitable for drizzling on your cereals or stirring into a drink.

The abundance of summer flowers yields nectar with a high fructose content that gives a clear runny honey. If you hold a jar up to the light you will see the tiny pollen grains floating in it. The colour, taste and fragrance of every batch of honey will vary depending upon exactly where the bees have chosen to forage.

All clear, raw honey will crystallise in time - to restore to its runny state just place the jar on a sunny windowsill, over a radiator or in a bowl of warm (not boiling) water.

Pasture Farm Honey

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The Good Health Boutique
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Torworth Grange Farm Shop

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The Hay Barn Cafe,



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