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Honey can easily be substituted for sugar in drinks and cooking.

.Due to honey's ability to retain water, products made with honey tend to remain moister longer than similar products made with sugar or other sweeteners. Some minor adjustments may need to be made to a recipe when substituting honey for sugar to take into account the extra liquid.

I am a small independent beekeeper based in Upton, near Retford in  North Nottinghamshire. I started keeping bees in 2013 and, since receiving my initial colony in May, I have watched them thrive as they forage around in the local area.

The number of bees have increased over the years so, at September 2018, I now look after 22 colonies.  

In addition to producing honey and beeswax, bees pollinate the plants that produce fruits, vegetables and nuts worldwide. Unfortunately pesticide use, parasites, reducing biodiversity and Colony Collapse Disorder have reduced the number of bees available to carry out this important function.


Whilst the bee population has been dwindling for years, the bee shortage is reaching alarming proportions.  In fact, because bees are vital to 30% of the food supply, some experts predict a global food production crisis.

If you don't want to get your hands sticky, you can still help save our bees. The British Beekeeping Association (BBKA) runs an 'adopt a beehive' scheme by which monies received go towards research into honey bee health. Further details available at