Honey is a natural resource of almost infinite variety. The colour, aroma, and flavour of a particular honey depends on the nectar source. Our bees forage on the flowers from our surrounding hedges, fields, meadows and gardens to give a natural raw product.


As a result our honey ranges from white set honey gathered mainly in the spring to a runny golden coloured honey available later in the summer.

Hay Fever

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What could be more natural?

Pasture Farm Honey - Natural raw honey. What could be better?

Pasture Farm Honey 

Pasture Farm Honey

Pasture Farm Honey, Pasture Farm, Upton, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 0RA

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Our bees produce soft set and runny honey. Please go to 'Products' page for details of what we sell and where to buy.

Natural Raw Product 

Could a spoonful of local honey help reduce the symptoms of hay fever?

Many people believe so. As local honey contains the pollen you are being exposed to, regular use will desensitize the body to  pollen effects.

A study in Finland in 2012,  on honey containing silver birch pollen,  showed that consuming a small amount daily, prior to the flowering  season, had a beneficial effect on hay fever symptoms during the summer months.

Why not give Pasture Farm Honey a try to help manage your pollen allergy.